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Statistical Analysis of Materials.

The Statistical Analysis of Materials (SAM) is a Materials Laboratory computer program that statistically evaluates materials according to the requirements of WSDOT Standard Specifications. The program will generate acceptance and verification reports with the capability of sending them electronically to both the WSDOT and to outside entities as required.

There are two versions of the programs that you can have access to. Each will require separate log-in authorization.

For the WSDOT Contractors who are working on WSDOT projects using the 2010, 2012 specifications, you will need to fill out the WSDOT Contractor Access Request Form and return it by email. There will be only one log-in authorization given per company. The WSDOT project office will be giving you access to specific projects. You will be able to enter your testing data for that project, and see the WSDOT testing data and the CPF.

For Contractors who wish to use the program for other work, we will give you a standalone access which allows you to go into the program and establish your requirements, and enter your own data. It will not be tied to any WSDOT project work. You will need to fill out the Stand Alone User Access Request Form and return it by email.

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Mats Lab Help Desk : 360-709-5454 

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