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For information about this system please contact Kasandre Reeves at ReevesK@wsdot.wa.gov.


Cities and counties in Washington are required to submit their street/road financial activity annually to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). For the past three years, the Office of the Washington State Auditor (SAO) has partnered with WSDOT in a pilot project allowing cities and counties to submit their data through SAO’s online filing system in addition to WSDOT’s Local Highway Finance Tracking (LHFT) system. The purpose of this dual reporting period was to test the ability of SAO’s online reporting system to collect the street/road financial data accurately.

For the 2019 reporting year, cities and counties will now submit their annual street/road financial report through SAO’s online filing system, which can be found at: https://portal.sao.wa.gov/LGCS/

The benefits of submitting the annual street/road financial report through SAO’s online filing system are that when a government submits its Schedule 01 online, the system automatically identifies the BARS codes for the transportation-related street/road expenditures and applies them to the street/road report. This means less manual entry of financial data for you! Once your Schedule 01 is in the SAO system, you only have to review and manually adjust certain transportation-related revenue data matched to BARS codes into the SAO system. In SAO’s online filing system, you can click on the red video icon to watch a short tutorial video, which explains how to enter your street/road financial data.

If you did not participate in this pilot project and would like help understanding how to submit your street/road report through SAO, please contact LGCSfeedback@sao.wa.gov.

If someone else other than the audit contact is responsible for submitting the street/road report, please email wastateauditorsubscriptions@sao.wa.gov for assistance creating their account.

If you need help regarding what transportation-related financial data are needed or where to put the data to complete the street/road report, please email me at ReevesK@wsdot.wa.gov.